Cloud Archive for Enterprise


Cloud Archive for Enterprise delivers long-term, low-cost, high performance data protection leveraging Amazon Glacier and Riverbed’s Whitewater cloud storage appliance. Designed to provide a low cost, long-term solution for data retention and archiving requirements. Each package can be purchased as a convenient monthly subscription fee and attaches seamlessly with the leading backup and archiving programs.

With easy deployment, you can begin moving data to Amazon cloud storage soon after subscribing to Cloud Archive for Enterprise. Optimized for data retention workloads, this solution deduplicates, compresses, encrypts and replicates to Amazon Glacier reducing costs 30-50% compared to disk or tape based systems. Data sets are compressed on average by 10–30x to speed transmission and reduce cloud storage costs.


Cloud Archive for Enterprise provides businesses drop-in access to public cloud storage with local-like performance without changes to the existing backup infrastructure. Simply change the target of the backup application to the Whitewater, and Cloud Archive for Enterprise manages the deduplication, encryption and transmission to Amazon Glacier. No changes to jobs, policies, or schedules are required. Key features include:

  • Designed to maximize performance and minimize cost of information retrieval from AWS Glacier storage environment.
  • Predictable monthly subscription fee with no setup fees or term commitment.
  • Reduced storage and bandwidth costs: Variable segment length, in-line deduplication finds additional duplication, and results in lower cloud storage fees and faster data transmission.
  • High-speed data transfers: Industry-leading WAN optimization technologies are used to speed the replication of backup datasets to and from the cloud. The Whitewaters optimize data and transmit in multiple, parallel streams to maximize the available bandwidth for outstanding throughput.
  • End-to-end security: Data is secured in-flight using SSL v3, and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption to create complete end-to-end security. The customer has the flexibility to restore data to any location while encryption keys are kept safe within the datacenter.
  • Fast restores: The most recent and often accessed data is cached locally to greatly increase restore speeds.
  • Seamless connection: Seamlessly connect between existing backup/archiving programs and AWS Glacier for long term storage.
  • Real-time replication: All backup data is quickly and safely stored in the cloud and synchronization is ensured between the cloud and the locally cached dataset to provide superior data protection.
  • Supports a variety of enterprise backup and archiving programs including CA, Commvault, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Platform Support Information, Oracle, Symantec, Veeam and Vizioncore

Technical Specifications

  • Supports a large array of backup and archive programs:
    • CA ARCserve
    • CommVault Simpana
    • EMC Networker
    • HP Data Protector
    • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Oracle Database Server
    • Platform Support Information
    • Symantec Backup Exec
    • Symantec NetBackup
    • Veeam Backup & Replication
    • Vizioncore vRanger Pro
  • Backup/archive data is received from the backup server over CIFS or NFS interface.
  • Write, read, and delete objects containing from 1 byte to 5 terabytes of data each.
  • The number of objects you can store is unlimited.
  • Information is deduplicated, encrypted, compressed and cached locally to sped restores.
  • Data is encrypted and stored both in the local cache and in the cloud, with the customer managing the key.
  • Data is encrypted data both in-flight to the Cloud with SSL v3, as well as at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Each object is stored in a bucket and retrieved via a unique assigned key.
  • Authentication mechanisms are provided to ensure that data is kept secure from unauthorized access.
  • Options for secure data upload/download and encryption of data at rest are provided for additional data protection.
  • Appliance regulates download rate to prevent Amazon retrieval fees.
  • 250Gb per hour throughput

Packages & Pricing

This service is available in the United States. All pricing for the packaged offerings are listed as suggested retail price (SRP) in US currency.

8 TB Cloud Storage
16 TB Cloud Storage
24 TB Cloud Storage
32 TB Cloud Storage
Includes Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage applianceIncludes Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage applianceIncludes Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage applianceIncludes Riverbed Whitewater cloud storage appliance
Up to 8 TB
of stored data
Up to 16 TB
of stored data
Up to 24 TB
of stored data
Up to 32 TB
of stored data
Unlimited Transfers inUnlimited Transfers inUnlimited Transfers inUnlimited Transfers in
Up to 800 GB Transfers outUp to 1.6 GB Transfers outUp to 2.4 GB Transfers outUp to 3.2 GB Transfers out
Data encrypted & deduplicated on-site and at restData encrypted & deduplicated on-site and at restData encrypted & deduplicated on-site and at restData encrypted & deduplicated on-site and at rest
Additional storage $0.05 GBAdditional storage $0.05 GBAdditional storage $0.05 GBAdditional storage $0.05 GB
No Amazon
Retrieval Fee
No Amazon
Retrieval Fee
No Amazon
Retrieval Fee
No Amazon
Retrieval Fee