Cloud Backup for Small Business


Organizations are investing in various forms of backup to the cloud to protect their data from accidental loss and improve speed of recovery in the event of a disaster. Cloud backup offers an alternative solution to in-house backup solutions providing a number of advantages including lower costs, speed of recovery, stored information security, multi-location accessibility to stored information, no physical transportation and minimal risk of lost data due to theft, human error or geographic disasters.

Built for business use, Exo Cloud Backup for Small Business provides seamless backup and fast recovery for Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and workstations running Windows or Mac OSX operating systems. Database and file backups are compressed and encrypted, transferred via a proprietary protocol, and safely stored in Tier 3+ SAS 70 compliant datacenters. The online backup solution is a secure, reliable, and cost effective way for businesses to ensure their vital data is protected without having to maintain or invest in an on-premise solution.

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Data is safely stored off-site and accessible from anywhere at any time. If required, expert 24/7 support and recovery assistance is available. To begin, the customer downloads the server client and configures, chooses which files to backup and defines how to manage data/bandwidth throttling. In just a few clicks and with no hardware required, files are automatically backed up —even open files.

Key features include:

  • Automated backups: Full back up of servers and workstations across the customer’s business. Schedule backups on a daily, weekly, monthly, or fully customized basis with uncapped and incremental backup capabilities
  • Self-service management console: Provides ongoing management of backup configurations and access policies including user account management, statistics and reports, backup schedules and access policies
  • Advanced data security: Data is compressed and encrypted at the source, while in transit and during storage in SAS Type II certified Tier 3 datacenters. All transfers to and from the backup server are protected within an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection
  • Easy file recovery: Recovering files is as easy as selecting the file or folder to restore and downloading it. In case of a major disaster, your data will be express shipped on a hard drive to your designated location.
  • Dedicated support team: Data recovery specialists are available 365/24/7
  • Multiple versioning option: Enables the restore of older versions of files, even if they have been backed up several times since.

Technical Specifications

  • Provides backup and recovery services for Microsoft Server (2003/2008); Microsoft Exchange (2000/2003/2007/2010); Microsoft SQL Server (2000/2005/2008); Windows/Mac OS workstations
  • Blowfish 448 security is used for data encryption and all data is isolated by customer for additional protection
  • Storage Data Centers are all SAS 70 type II certified
  • Configured for maximum compatibility with corporate firewalls, and supports the use of proxy servers.
  • Includes an open file driver and integration with Microsoft VSS provides the ability to back up files held open by running applications (like Outlook or QuickBooks).

Packages & Pricing

This service is available in the United States and Canada. All pricing for the packaged offerings are listed as suggested retail price (SRP) in the native country currency.

200 GB Single Server
400 GB Unlimited Servers
200 GB Pooled Storage400 GB Pooled Storage
Single Server; Unlimited WorkstationsUnlimited Servers and Workstations
Self Service Configuration, Backup and Easy RecoverySelf Service Configuration, Backup and Easy Recovery
No network data transfer feesNo network data transfer fees
No setup chargesNo setup charges
Supports Microsoft Server Exchange and SQLSupports Microsoft Server Exchange and SQL
Starting at
$16.65 /month*
Fixed Subscription Fee
$499 Global Express shipment recovery capability
$4.99/month for 50 GB additional capacity
Starting at
$41.62 /month*
Fixed Subscription Fee
$499 Global Express shipment recovery capability
$4.99/month for 50 GB additional capacity