Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC): Test & Development

Exo VPDC for Test & Development provides public cloud core infrastructure based on Savvis Symphony VPDC Essential. This solution helps developers build, update, and test applications with access to on-demand, low cost and easily configured cloud infrastructure resources to compress release cycles and improve product quality. The virtual private data center integrates servers, storage, network access, security controls and basic image management combined with a self-service web portal that provides customer control over cost, configuration, deployment, scale up or down and “parking” of servers for use at another time.

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Exo VPDC is cost optimized for testing and development workloads and pre-packaged with a single public VLAN. It includes authenticated access through security access control lists (ACLs). In addition this packaged offering includes:

  • Savvis Symphony VPDC Essential delivers a powerful capability for defining, configuring and deploying a full virtual data center without having to procure, install, configure or manage any hardware
  • Provides a predictable amount of dedicated compute capacity and charged per hour consumed
  • Online service catalog enables the customer to provision services in a pay-as-you-go model with hourly billing and no minimum contract commitments
  • Customer portal enables self-services management and administration of tasks
  • Service level agreements designed for the application-testing environment with enterprise-grade, managed infrastructure that has built-in resiliency, predictability and scalability.
  • The Exo VPDC for Test & Development version 2.4 is implemented on VMware vSphere 4.0 Hypervisor architecture
  • Savvis has currently met SAS70 type II qualification on all of its U.S. data centers

All pricing for the packaged offerings are in US currency and listed as suggested retail price (SRP). This service is available in the United States and Canada.

Starting at ½ Server Package

  • 3 GHz vCPU per Server

  • Perimeter Firewall ACLs

  • Dedicated Public vLAN max 29 IP addresses

  • Redundant Internet Connection

  • 100Mbs Bandwidth

  • Persistent 1-Tier SATA on FC SAN

  • 1x Daily Snapshot (3 Day Retention)

  • Customer Provided, Windows or Red Hat OS

  • 1, 2, 4 ,8 ,16 or 32GBs of Memory

  • 50GB Increments of Sotrage up to 1,500GB

Starting at
+ $0.0/Hr to $0.045/Hr Based on Selected OS
+ $0.025 per GB/Hr for Memory
+ $0.22 per GB /Mo. for Storage
+ $40.00 per Mbps/Mo for Network Usage

*All prices are Suggested Retail Price. Can be purchased by hour.