Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Oracle Applications

Only Oracle’s cloud offers the benefits of Oracle Exadata combined with the latest in cloud infrastructure. Extend the technology investments you’ve already made, refresh your infrastructure, and take advantage of flexibility only the cloud can offer.

Database Applications

Whether you’re an enterprise or an ISV, Oracle provides the most full-featured, reliable, and high performance Oracle Database environment of any cloud – including Oracle RAC. Move mission-critical applications onto the latest infrastructure while retaining best practices.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing changes the economics of product development and research. It requires fewer prototypes, accelerates testing, and decreases time to market. Oracle offers on-demand HPC infrastructure based on the most advanced compute, storage, networking, and software technologies—at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

Big Data Applications

The vast majority of Big Data projects fail because on-premises technology is too difficult to deploy and optimize, and sizing is never accurate. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a high performance, reliable foundation for short or long term Big Data needs.


Application teams are continuously looking to increase their velocity, releasing products more frequently, fixing problems in less time, and maintaining higher overall quality. To support these DevOps goals, Oracle Cloud delivers a wide range of powerful services for software development, container management, software configuration, build, integration and deployment.

Data Protection

Intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are among the most valuable assets of any organization. Businesses can now protect their mission-critical data and applications with confidence by adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Solutions as migration and backup destinations, reducing cost and complexity while maintaining operational consistency.

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