Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

ExoNetworx offers customers “leading-edge” and innovative consolidated storage solutions and implementation services. Our solutions can scale to accommodate the needs of small to large enterprise businesses. Each one is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our approach is to first understand the strategic value of our clients’ data and recommend storage solutions with the appropriate levels of capacity, performance, availability, manageability and scalability. Our storage consultants use their experience to assess requirements and architect solutions comprised of market leading and proven technologies. Our consolidated storage solutions strategically enhance our customers’ businesses by ensuring access and availability to their critical corporate data assets while offering compelling cost and operational benefits.


Organizations today are faced with many business challenges that affect their data, such as:


  • Storage growth – Increasing amounts of corporate data
  • Increased requirements for data availability from across the enterprise
  • Faster access to data assets
  • Decreasing windows of time for backing up their data
  • Budget constraints
  • Resource constraints
  • Disaster recovery

Exo Networx consolidated and centralized storage solutions offer the following customer benefits:


  • Highly available, scalable and secure data
  • Centralized management of data for backup and recovery
  • Centralized administration of corporate data
  • Fast access to critical data across the enterprise
  • Maximizes resource allocation
  • Reduced cost of ownership (power, space, support, etc…)
  • “Cloud ready” option for disaster recovery
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