ExoNetworx Inc

ExoNetworx Inc was founded in 2003 to establish one of the most advanced Portal Grid Computing environments in the world. Our original platform provided a foundation and distributed technology platform that enabled researchers to gain access to collaboration tools, visualization capabilities, and high performance computing resources that were necessary to conduct quality research in advanced medicine.  Creating a Grid Computing / High Performance Cluster (HPC) in 2003 was no simple task and looking back it was the precursor to what we now know as the “CLOUD”.

It has taken 10 years for the general public and IT departments to finally embrace what we designed so long ago.

Today “The Cloud” is talked about everywhere and with so many acronyms it’s hard to keep up: Iaas, Saas, PaaS….and there will be more.

Exo is here to simplify all of that.  We offer simple pre-packed solutions to help our customers ease into “The Cloud”.

The CLOUD is for everyone; for those that understand it’s power and simplicity today, we want to be your provider for everything CLOUD  For those that need to learn more about “The Cloud” we are here to educate you.

From Simple to Complex CLOUD ready packages, we offer something for every budget and for most requirements.  If we don’t have it – it’s likely not ready for real time, mission critical organizations.

The Cloud is all about using and paying for resources as you need them with the knowledge that it is being done Better and Cheaper than if you did it in-house

We are the NEW utility you can subscribe to – Consume what you need when you need it with no long term obligations or hidden costs.

Once upon a time Scot McNeally coined the phrase “The Network is the Computer” .  Perhaps today the phrase should be “The Cloud is the Computer”.

Exo is bringing its 10+ years of experience and its ecosystem of world class providers to help you make the transition easier, cost effective and intuitive

Ready to take the next step in the evolution of IT?